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Photo Album: 2014 Winter Tango Fest Champaign-Urbana

A big month ahead for CDS!

Next month, CDS will be on the road with our ballroom,salsa, and tango shoes. Please call for a fitting appointment in February, or come visit us at the following events! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with CDS at the Chicago Salsa Congress from February 13-16 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare hotel. CDS will continue to bring the […]

Men and Women’s Tango Shoe Fittings by Appointment at Chicago Dance Supply

Appointments highly recommended especially for first time tango shoe fittings. Dress and practice shoes available. contactus@chicagodancesupply or call Leni at 773-728-5344 to schedule your appointment.  

Tango shoes at Chicago Dance Supply

Choose from Comme il faut, Neo Tango, Darcos, DNI, and 2×4. Look out this month for our next shipment from Odile Tango Shoes!

Dance shoes for men at Chicago Dance Supply

Chicago Dance Supply carries a full range of sizes for men in many different dance genres. Stop in today and check out our selection of tap, jazz, ballet, modern, flamenco, tango, pointe and more.

Featuring: Comme il faut

Comme il faut high heel stiletto tango shoes available at Chicago Dance Supply…

New Shipment: Comme il faut Argentine tango shoes

The newest shipment of Comme il faut tango shoes arrived this week! Come in today for the best selection of styles in your size!

Video: DNI and 2×4 al pie tango shoes with Sara and Eli at Chicago Dance Supply

Dear Sara and Eli, Thanks for stopping by Chicago Dance Supply on your way back to Lexington, KY. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Chicago. Here’s a little souvenir of your shoe fitting. Safe travels, Leni

Tuesdays til 10: Tonight April 9, 2013

Featuring: Darcos Magic Tango Shoes

Chicago Dance Supply carries Darcos Tango Shoes for men and women starting at $142. Custom options available for women’s shoes include leather or suede sole, hook or traditional buckle, leather or material upper and choice of color. contactus@chicagodancesupply.com or stop by today. Related Links: Women’s Darcos Tango Shoes at Chicago Dance Supply