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Argentine Tango Videos: Intro to Follower’s Embellishments in Tango

In this article, we will focus on follower’s embellishments in Argentine tango. What is a follower? A follower is a role in tango. What does this mean? The presence and power of the follower is very important. A good follower must connect with a partner and to the ground. They must also adjust to the […]

How to wear it: tango babuchas with a dress

  I love dance wear that moves with you! In the picture above, my Darcos dress paired with Tango Imagen Mariposa babuchas creates a swoosh of energy during a milonga traspie. You can see it better in action in the clip below. (Paola Bordon and I at the Amigas Latinas benefit, Center on Halsted Chicago). […]

Featuring: Darcos Magic Tango Shoes

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Argentine Tango Videos: Intro to Technique

Why is it important to warm up or practice tango technique before you dance tango or go to a milonga?  Because the body needs to prepare the appropriate muscles for movement. Considering the toes as the support for the dancer’s axis, we need to think about the connection of the whole muscular system of the […]

Tuesdays til 10: Late night shopping through April

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It’s how you wear it: leg warmers

Review: Gabriel Missé and Analia Centurión in Chicago April 2012

World renowned Argentine tango master, Gabriel Missé and his accomplished partner Analia Centurión visited Chicago this month for ten days.  Six workshops and one practica were organized by Paola Bordon at Dance Center Chicago.  Although I felt extremely fortunate to have participated in the classes, he left, it seems, leaving me and others with more […]